What is IPS?

PROOF Smart Tags is the world's first computerized license plate designed to improve the validation of auto insurance, vehicle registration, and time spent in locating a vehicle during the instance of an emergency. PROOF Smart Tags have many great benefits, some of which includes:

- Improves Compliance by enforcing the law for each motorist to obtain affordable auto insurance and vehicle registration

- Increases Revenue by obtaining more insured motorist and registered vehicles

- Cuts Cost by going Green to eliminate paper insurance cards and adhesive registration tags

- Generates Jobs on a national and international basis

The big problem – Vehicle accidents caused by uninsured motorist cost insured motorist billions of dollars through increased insurance premiums and cost for damages. Prior to PROOF Smart Tags, there hasn't been a system in place to validate accurate, current, and secure proof of auto insurance and vehicle registration.

The resolution: PROOF Smart Tags provides a real time display that validates which motorist are insured/uninsured and which vehicles are properly registered/not registered. It also sends a panic/distress signal to a vehicle during the instance of an emergency. One of the great benefits of PROOF Smart Tags is that there isn't any scanning or retention of data. The Auto Insurance, Department of Motor Vehicle, and Law Enforcement retains all of their data.

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