Game Developer

Please send all resumes` to, please put the word, 'resume' in the subject line.

GAME DEVELOPER International PROOF Systems (IPS) is looking for a talented and skilled computer gamer to assist with building the next generation of Virtual Educational Gaming. If the job description below is a fit, please send your resume` to
PRIMARY SKILLS: Unity, HoloLens, Hologram, game scripting, game design, quality assurance testing, physical science in gaming, technical proficiency and creative development, props artist, thorough understanding of the pipeline production, art creation, environment creation, material sculpting, texture painting, game content development, proper shading and lightning, animation art, well versed in 3-D asset creation for game development, knowledge in the entertainment business, visual storytelling techniques and technology, storyboarding, visual aesthetics, understand technical roles, filmmaking concepts and practices, ability to implement crowd scenes in a movie in order to create a vast landscape, artistic use of computer graphics, sketching, visual development to modeling, model creation, renderers, technology in the entertainment and media industries, virtual model creation, character rigging, character animation, creation of documentation related to design, quality, usability testing, and production, team player, knowledge of various game methodologies used by game studios across the industry, critical thinking, problem solving, mathematical skills needed for game development, game testing, interactive gaming, and final compositing.
REQUIREMENTS: BS in Game Development, Game Design, and/or Game Art Must be knowledgeable with system programming, game design production, game system integration, game readiness, creation of 3D content for consoles and computers, 3-D computer graphics, data structures and algorithms, applied human computer interaction, physics, digital logic, operating systems, computer organization and architecture, computer graphics, information and database systems, computer networks, engine development, artificial intelligence, and game architecture.

Cloud Developer

CLOUD DEVELOPER/System Integrator International PROOF Systems is looking for a Data Architect/Data Migration Lead who would be part of a complex and critical migration of data from legacy IBM system to an Object Oriented iCloud based proposed system. Responsible for implementing the plan designed by Project Manager and team regarding all data design artifacts, data architecture, data migration, orchestrations, and data governance mode. We have a need for a creative and driven database administrator who has a passion for migrating systems that have a measurable impact. Design and development experience with several enterprise class database migrations is preferred
PRIMARY SKILLS: Migration, Scripting, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), Microsoft Windows Server, IBM AIX (Advanced Interactive eXecutive), Red Hat JBoss EAP, IBM WebSphere, Oracle WebLogic Server, Microsoft .Net, Oracle Database Server, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2 LUW, Edge to Cloud, IBM COGNOS, Tableau. Develop and modify solutions utilizing Object Oriented Platform, COBOL, DB2, CICS, VSAM, TSO and JCL. SSIS, IBM Data Stage/Replicator, data modeling, schema validation, and reconciliation checks.
REQUIREMENTS: BS in Database Management, Computer Science or related / equivalent field; 7 years relevant experience with DBA for oracle DB/ MS SQL, IBM DB2 LUW; Experience with Migration, Experience with ETL, Working knowledge of data design artifacts, data architecture, data migration; Data Governance; Administration MS/Linux servers, and storage; Experience in supporting internal and external customers; Interaction with development/support engineer team- operational management teams supporting technical issues pre/post migration; Working and supporting migration schedule- what needs to be done prior to the migration, part of the migration, post migration; Post migration experience helpful to have as this will be a huge part of the final stages; Experience dealing with large databases; Experience with managing development and product database servers; Effective communication and strong collaboration skills are requirements for the position; Experience with multiple database platforms is a plus; Strong troubleshooting and problem solving skills; IBM COGNOS, Tableau